The Big Green Egg Lawyer

Who am I?

My name is Scott Jones.  I live in Asheville, North Carolina with my wife, Karen, and my children, Olivia, Matthew, and William.  Almost all of my time outside the office is consumed (happily, most of the time) with my kids, their school, and our church.  The office is my law practice, Cloninger, Barbour, Searson & Jones, where I am a civil trial lawyer working with three great trial lawyers, who are pretty good guys too.

Why am I doing this blog?

I have grown to love my Big Green Egg which I have had since 2003, and in learning how to really use my BGE I have learned all kinds of things from other blogs and websites.  A few years ago, I began using my Egg much more as I tried to become more health conscious. (Don’t worry; not everything I cook on the Egg is “healthy.”)  Cooking on the Egg has given me a new “outlet” that lets me try to eat healthy, but it is a hobby that does not take me away from my family – the practice of law does enough of that.

What is this blog?

I have posted here off and on for over two years.  Mostly, I try to present some recipes and other ideas for cooking on the BGE.  However, I have also veered into talking about other recipes (my wife is a GREAT cook), my family, and other odds and ends.   I hope along the way someone other than my mother and my kids find this at least a little interesting.


5 Responses to “The Big Green Egg Lawyer”

  1. Keep posting! Even though you may not get many comments, people are reading! Keep on Eggin!

  2. I just found your blog. Please post more

  3. Just found your blog, I am a lawyer also and new to the big green egg! Your blog rocks!

  4. As a RN have tried to cook heathy. Our son gave us Egg and we luv it. I worry all the carbons from grilling are unhealthty. Doing some research.

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