Why “healthy” matters to me

It seems like yesterday, as “they” say, but it was over seven years ago (January, 2004).  Karen was pregnant with Olivia.  I was 38 years old and almost 185 pounds.  I decided then that staying around to see my kids grow up was important enough to add a little discipline to my life.

I promptly went on a low-carb combination of Atkins and South Beach and lost about 30 pounds in a few months.  In hindsight, this was definitely not the best way to lose weight, but I did lose it and manage to keep most of it off. Fast forward to the early summer of 2009 – I had put back on about 5-7 of the pounds I took off and was thinking about going back on the Atkins hard core for a little while.  Better judgment and some good advice from my law partner, Brad Searson, kept me from going in that direction.  As Brad pointed out, losing weight is pretty much an issue of calories consumed versus calories burned.  (There are at least some plausible explanations that elaborate on this slightly, e.g. eating a big meal late is worse for your weight than eating the same meal mid-day, but the math is still the same – I think the late versus early eating has to do with whether the big meal causes your body to start burning more calories or not.)  In any event, in the summer of 2009, I began counting my calories on a detailed (Karen says obsessive) basis. However, it is that calorie counting that has helped me drop another 20 pounds or so.

In 2009, I also started exercising regularly.  While this may or may not lead to weight loss, it certainly does make me feel better, and, I think, puts me in better health.

Healthy matters to me because I feeel better than before and because it gives me a much better chance of watching my grandkids grow up.

I have rambled on enough here, but it is time to get off my soap box.  At a later date, I might “talk” a little about my Tap n Track iPhone calorie counter, my new-found enjoyment of running, and ways to cook and eat healthier while still really enjoying food.

By the way, I really do cook with my green egg regularly on the weekends, and I will get back to something relevant to the blog title soon.


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