I survived a 15k yesterday!

I did not do much new on the BGE this weekend.  Saturday Karen wanted us spending our time on some other items working around the house, and William wanted to spend our time throwing the football – both very worthwhile pursuits.  In any event no grilling Saturday.

Sunday was busy too.  I ran a 15k before church, and Nana and Pop (my parents) came over to visit during the afternoon.  We all spent some more time throwing the football too.  William throws the best spiral of any of us.

I did manage to get in a little cooking.  In addition to  Tandoori Chicken on the Big Green Egg and Italian chicken, I also grilled some pineapple on the Egg.  I cut a pineapple into rings apporximately 1 -1 1/2 inches thick and grilled them on each side (at about 400) until they got some nice brown grill marks.  (Easy, healthy dessert and tasty too)  We like pita bread, which we normally fix in the oven with some garlic butter that we make (heavy on the garlic) and then top with that stuff you buy in a plastic container that the folks who sell it call shredded parmesan cheese.  Yesterday I fixed that on the Egg, and it turned out great.  In the future I probably will not fire up the egg just to cook the pita, but if the Egg is on anyway …

I also tried a new dessert inside, but it is not quite ready for prime time yet.

I will try to talk a little more about my experience running later, but, for now – Have a nice Monday.


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