Running – try it; you might like it.

I told you that I survived a 15k on Sunday.  It was the 14th annual Biltmore Kiwanis 15k at the North Carolina Arboretum for the benefit of the Kiwanis childrens’ charities.  This was my first 15k, and I finished in 1:20:12 – not great, but better than I expected.

I only started running last year.  My first race was the Weaverville Firecracker 5k on the 4th of July, 2010. Since then I had run 4 other races before the 15k.  Anybody who knew me before two years ago will assume that someone else with the same name is writing this blog because I used to get bored to tears by what little running I ever did.  Now I find it a chance to relax and clear my mind, and the endorphin kick is a nice boost too.

Whether running has helped me keep my weight off, I am not sure; I really doubt it because running definitely increases my appetite.  However, there is no question that running makes me feel better physically and mentally.  Try it sometime; you might like it.


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