Striped Bass on the Big Green Egg

Last weekend, Lisa Connors (who works at our office) and her husband Gene caught a bunch of striped bass.  They grilled some with some fishing friends of theirs who also have an Egg.  They were all kind enough to send Lisa back to work with some striped bass to share.

I brought just enough home for Olivia and me because Karen does not like anything that even goes near the water, it doesn’t look like ketchup and french fries to Matthew, and fish is one of the few healthier eating items that just is not high on William’s list.  Well, …  I will get to how I cooked it in a minute, but, drumroll please …. not only did Olivia and I really enjoy it, but Matthew, tried it, said he loved it, and asked for more when he had homemade pizza that he loves still sitting there as an option.  William liked it too, but went with the pizza.  Karen liked the pizza.

To prepare the bass, I heated the Egg to about 350 degrees with the place setter in.  While it was warming up (more on that in a minute), I sprayed a little olive oil on the fish and rubbed two different fish rubs on two of the pieces.  I left a third smaller piece plain.  After about 10 minutes, I flipped the fish. (Make sure you rub a little olive oil on the cooking grid before you put the fish on and this will be much easier.)  After about five more minutes I drizzled a little honey on the plain piece and part of a second piece.  I cooked about 5 more minutes, and it was done.  All of it was delicious!

Now about the cooking time and a word about lump charcoal –  I have not talked much here about charcoal choice because the Naked Whiz tells you more than I ever could about your choices.  Most of the time, I use the Cowboy lump charcoal, not because it is the best, but because it is good and easily available.  Before last weekend, a local store had some Royal Oak lump on sale, and Karen  bought some for us.  I speak from a sample size of only grilling with it twice, but it seems the Royal Oak got hot quicker than the Cowboy and burned even more cleanly.  I hope to try some Wicked Good sometime soon because of all I have read and heard about it, but I wanted to share my experience with the Royal Oak in the meantime.

Happy Grilling and enjoy our country’s birthday!


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