Anyone can run a half marathon …

I know because I ran one this morning.  Two years ago running a mile would have tired me, and more importantly, I would have hated it. Since then, as I have noted before, I have become interested in running.  This is just one of the effects of me realizing I need to be proactive if I want to be around to watch grandkids grow up.

I was a little under the weather from a cold this morning, but at the end of the race I felt great, and that feeling  has lasted all day.  (I think at least part of it is what is called an endorphine high)

The race was the Citizen-Times half marathon here in Asheville.  It is a challenging but fun course, made even more fun by the friends and family members of runners and general spectators on their front lawns who cheer you on along the way.  (Thanks to all of you; that made it much easier.

I will not set any records, but I did finish in just under one hour and fifty-five minutes.

I know I have not had any new green egg recipes lately, and tomorrow it is just heretical hamburgers – Mom’s request for her birthday celebration, but I do have a good turkey idea to post a little closer to Thanksgiving.  In the meantime, I will see if I can get Karen and the kids to let me try something else new in the next couple of weeks.


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