This time my excuse isn’t the dog; it’s the kids.

Thanksgiving has come and gone; Christmas has come and gone; where did January go?  The expression is over-used, but time does fly when you are having fun.  Over the holidays I made a conscious decision to cut back on my few extracurricular activities and focus on enjoying time with the kids.  I ran sparingly (but did manage to do the Hot Chocolate 10k again), and you can see I was not busy blogging.  We also have had more than our fair share of “bugs” since Christmas, but I think the kids have finally gotten healthy, and hopefully, Mom and Dad are not far behind.

The family time that I have managed to spend has been wonderful.  To use another  over-used expression, “they grow up before you know it.”  I am trying not to miss out on too much.  Just to share a little, the boys got remote control helicopters for Christmas.  they are amazing – about $30 each, and they really work.  Olivia got an iPod nano and is really enjoying it.  she has turned out to be very musical.  All the kids got a Kinect from Santa, and, after taking a little while to learn how to do it, it has become fun for all 5 of us.  I dreaded the day when the kids might want a video game system because I had visions of them sitting and staring at a screen for hours.  The Kinect takes care of that.  We limit its use primarily to weekends and school holidays, and you definitely do not sit down (or even stand still) when you play it.

All three of the kids are enjoying learning a musical instrument.  Olivia and William have been taking violin lessons since the fall, and Matthew began ukulele lessons at the first of this year.  It amazes me how quickly young minds pick things up.

Green Egging has slowed a little during the since Thanksgiving, and what I have done has just been the tried and true.  The kids love BBQ and they also love the “Korean BBQ” – Matthew calls it Daddy’s juicy steak.

There are a couple of new “in the house” recipes that I have tried.  I will share them a little later.


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