Guest Post by Olivia

Patriotic Pooch

My patriotic pooch is my dog Allie. Allie is a Boston Terrier and is 12 years old. The point of this blog entry as you probably have guessed is my dog on the 4th of July. One of my favorite holidays is the 4th so I have a lot of patriotic gear. I get my family to wear patriotic sunglasses, and I, of course, wear my lady liberty sunglasses. This year I wanted to dress up my dog along with my family.  I put my flag bandana on her and she looked like and was a true

Patriotic Pooch!

patriotic pooch


2 Responses to “Guest Post by Olivia”

  1. I realize I’m commenting on a post of yours that’s over a year old, but as a fellow Boston Terrier owner, I just wanted to tell you that yours looks to be in amazing health for being 12 years old. She looks so much younger.

    They’re the absolute best dogs aren’t they?

    • As my kids get more active, I devote less and less time to this blog – unfortunately. That is my excuse for the delay in responding. I have had Bostons since I was about five years old; they are great. We now have two more (just over a year old).

      Thanks for the message.


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