Happy Mothers’ Day!

William, Olivia, and Matthew

Each of the kids wanted a different cookie to celebrate Mothers’ Day, so for our family get-together, I made  White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies for William, chocolate brownie cookies (recipe soon) for Olivia, and “Me and My Daddy’s Favorite Cookies” for Matthew. Just like her kids, Mommy loved all three.

I started Mothers’ Day with a breakfast of waffles, bacon, and hash brown casserole for Mommy, Olivia, Matthew, William, and Robbie and Sarah (their cousins visiting from Raleigh). It was delicious if I do say so myself.

After church, we then had an extra-large mid-afternoon meal, with 16 or so in attendance to celebrate Mother’s Day, Olivia’s recent ascendancy to the age of 7 and cousin Mela’s birthday. The main course was heretical hamburgers with caramelized onions- or perhaps it was the cookies.  There was lots of help in the kitchen, but special thanks to Aunt Helen who always makes sure we get it done.

Thank you to all of the others out there, starting with Nana, Grandma Frances, and Karen.

The girls on Mothers' Day

The boys (except me) on Mothers' Day


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